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Somewhere on Upper Street,’ goes the legend, ‘one floor underground and barely discernable to the naked eye, lies a veritable treasure trove of couture goodness.

Secondhand in only the most delicate sense of the word, ranging from this season to proper vintage, every piece is priced at a just a fraction of what you’d pay new… and yet many items are as good as unworn.

Oola Moola

For a compulsive charity shop fan, ebay shopper and jumble sale connoisseur like me, regular wardrobe clear outs are very important… if you don’t mind waiting for your money, there are some who will sell your unwanted designer clothing and accessories on your behalf with a 50/50 split.

My new favourite, Seconda Mano, is on Upper Street in North London. The shop itself is hidden away under a Giovanni’s hairdressers at number 14, but the window is filled with incredible finds including a hot pink Chanel suit jacket and a brand new swoon-worthy Chanel Cocoon bag.

Downstairs is a virtual treasure trove of lovely things…

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